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  • Really amazing result - Thanks Jen.

  • The Client Really loved your character reads - Well done.

Welcome to JensVoice!

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I'm the American gal who grew up having an entire conversations with herself and now makes a living having conversations on-air for you...  So, ironically, I'm experienced at owning the emotion you need for that Purr-fect recording!

Yes.. I can be sweet, soft, authoritative and firm, happy and fun, sarcastic and snide, professional and assured.  And I'll help you find the right emotion for your script - or help you write the copy to sell your product online or on-air.

With extensive medical and dental terminology experience, no technical script is out of reach.  But, best of all, my clients say that I'm fun, easy to work with, and take direction like no other!

If you're looking for a sincere, no-nonsense approach to your voiceover needs, please take a moment and give me a listen!

I look forward to working with you!

P.S. Remember, there are no Crazy Cat Ladies..... We're all Cat Women!

Drop me an email now and let's chat about your next project...